Top YouTube Tips For Everyone

Top YouTube Tips For Everyone

YouTube Tips For You!

We all know, what YouTube is and why we use it. There are some important Youtube tips, that a YouTube user must know to use it fast and easily to its features, that may be you don’t know. Here are some very good youtube tips for you, that I am going to tell you.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts :
Here are some keys to control YouTube video player. While watching a video on YouTube press k on your keyboard to pause or play that video or any video on YouTube. If you want to rewind any video then press j for 10 seconds.Press l for fast-forwarding to 10 seconds.Press m to mute and Number 0 to go to the beginning of the video and Numbers from 1 to 9 to jump to 10% to 90% of the video. While captions are on press + or – to make caption font size bigger and smaller respectively on your keyboard.

Speed Control :

Youtube speed control_technliving.com_
There are some videos, you might want to slow them down so that you can watch them easily, mostly this kind of situations appears when you try to learn something from a specific part of any video. So here is a tip, click on Settings gear icon on YouTube player on the right side of the player and then click speed and here you can adjust the speed of any video according to your need.

YouTube Watch History :

Youtube history_technliving.com_

If you want to delete some videos or all videos from watch history or to pause the “watch history” then click on the menu in top left corner and click on history and select the video that you want to remove from your watch history. And to stop recording your video views then choose “pause watch history” option.

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Specific Search Result :

If you want to search something in specific range, like HD videos or 3D videos or video of any particular celebrity or playlist or particular channel on YouTube, then use particular keywords to specify that content or video in your searches. For example, if you want to watch only HD videos from Linking Park Albums, then search “Linking Park” + “HD”, Plus sign is used to include that specific need in searching that video or videos, then you will get all the videos of Linking Park in HD quality. This way you can save your time and search faster.

Video Loops :

Youtube loop video feature_technliving.com_

There are situations, where you might want to play a video in loop, here is a simple tip to do it. While watching a video, right click in the middle of that video and select loop. This is a latest new feature just added to YouTube player so that a user can play any video on loop indefinitely.

Default Video Resolution :

technliving.com_resolution setting youtube videoThere are some people, using the slow internet connection and want to load videos fast, then this might be helpful to you.For this, go to ‘’ and select ‘I have a slow internet connection. Never play higher quality video.’ That’s it and you are good to go.

Karaoke Mode :

If want to sing along your favorite song and without any hassle of looking for lyrics, then you just need to install a small Musixmatch browser extension. This extension will overlay the lyrics on the video as it plays, and this is how you will start a karaoke party with no extra equipment.

Age Restricted Video without Logging In :

technliving.com_age ristricted youtube video

Yes, you heard it right, now with this simple trick, you will be able to watch age restricted videos. And here is that simple trick to make it happen. You need to replace this ‘/watch?v=’ part, with ‘/v/’ from the URL of the restricted video. For example: From this like link -> you have to change it, like this -> . That’s it.

Watch It Later :

technliving.com_Watch Later youtube videoThere is a feature in YouTube, by which you can add a video in a watch later list and you will be able to watch that added video later any time you want. For this, in your browser below YouTube player, there is an option name “Add To” click on it and select “watch it later” option, and that video will be added to that list. This feature could be very helpful for you. So, guys, I hope these youtube tips will definitely help you and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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