Top 5 Must And Free WordPress Plugins

Top 5 must have and free wordpress plugins

The Best And Free WordPress Plugins For You!

If you are new to WordPress or you just finished installing WordPress, then you need these five free WordPress plugins. These WordPress plugins are not only free but very important for your blog or site. If you want a blog with great content and perfect in all aspects then you should start using these free WordPress plugins now.

Yoast SEO: We all know what SEO stands for if not then here is the answer. Search Engine Optimization means, optimizing your blog and content for search engines and to get indexed fast in search engines. If you need more info, then I will post an article only on SEO soon. This WordPress Plugin helps you optimize your blog and content for SEO and this is the only best plugin ever for SEO.

Jetpack – by This free WordPress plugin helps you to connect your blog to a account. By this, you can use the powerful features which are normally only available to users. I assure you that you will love this application for its features.

Akismet: This Plugin will help you protect your blog from spam, and as the company says that it works even if you are sleeping means you don’t have to worry at all. This is free for personal use means for personal blogs, not for the commercial site. So please keep this in mind. I am using this application and it works.

WP Super Cache: Loading time is also the main and important thing for better browsing experience for our readers and viewers so this plugin helps your blog to load faster and in turn a great browsing experience for you readers.

Google AdSense: Yes guys, who on Earth, don’t want to earn money from Adsense. If you have an Adsense account and want to use Adsense ads on your blog. This plugin will help you do it fast and easily. This plugin is developed by Google and the most important thing is, this plugin itself helps you to put ads on your blog.

There are many other plugins also available, but the above plugins are free and best. So now you know the best and very important free WordPress plugins, if you have any questions or suggestions then please comment below. And don’t forget to share and like this article.


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