Android App For Testing Tattoo

Android App For Testing Tattoo | Ultimate Tattoo cam

Recently I reviewed an application for tattoo lovers named inkhunter for ios and people asked me for an app which is for android. So I just found it for you guys only and I hope you will like this. Now let me tell you the features of this app named “Ultimate Tattoo cam”.

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Tattoo Designs for all | App for android

Tattoo Designs App For All

“Tattoo Designs App For All” application is really for all, like designers, tattoo artists and for peoples who want to select a cool tattoo design for themselves. Tattoo is a picture which tells a personality of a person without words. There are 8000+ designs to choose from and you can share them as well with your friends. 44 categories. This app is like community of tattoo lovers and artists and here you have everything you ever wanted,in this app there are the most effective and creative designs with thousands of examples.

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Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors And Specs

Surface Phone Rumors And Specs !

There are rumors all around about Microsoft’s new surface pro smart phone and specs, that Microsoft is going to launch it’s latest flagship phone in 2017. There were some rumors that Microsoft was working on a new smartphone called the Surface Phone, and there would be other versions to offer also. By Microsoft itself, has given some extra information about the Surface Phone, on the Microsoft minimum hardware requirements page for Windows 10. It is believed to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset will be in surface phones. And there are also rumors that the Snapdragon 830 will support up to 8GB of RAM and it will be built on the Samsung 10nm process.

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Microsoft to stop production of Xbox 360

Good Bye To Xbox 360!

You read right, after this long duration of awesomeness of ten years. Finally, on Wednesday Microsoft said the production of XBOX 360 has stopped. I have been a great fan of Xbox. But, Microsoft said, that only production stopped, not the services.

Xbox owners will continue to receive Xbox Live services for their console, like online multiplayer gaming and parties, access to the apps, and Games with Gold and Deals with Gold.

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