How To Manage Multiple Social Networking Accounts On Android

How To Manage Multiple Social Networking Accounts On Android

How To Manage Your Multiple Social Accounts On A Single Android Phone! Now a days we all have multiple social networking accounts on Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp and many more social networking platforms. But the problem is how to manage them, and how to frequently keep them updated. Cause its time-consuming … Read more…

Manage multiple Facebook accounts on one Android

multiple facebook accounts on one android

How To Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts On a single Phone !

You read it right. I’ll tell you two ways to make it happen. If you want to use your both the Facebook accounts simultaneously, then it is possible now and you can do it by Facebook’s application itself, no other application is need to do this. For this double account situation, you just need to install two Facebook’s different version on your phone. Yes, if you didn’t know, that Facebook has two different application versions, then now you know it for android. One is Facebook’s main application and other is Facebook lite version. The main version consumes more data and space and other application occupies just a little space on your phone, which is specially made for the phones with limited space.

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