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best Workout Plan for Endomorph body type

If you have endomorph body type then you have a lot of work to do from your diet to workout plan. If you don’t know your body type, then click here, and then choose your Workout Plan for Endomorph body type. Endomorph type of bodies tends to store fat fast … Read more…

How To Determine | What Is Your Body Type?

how to determine body type

What is your Body Type ?

We goto gym everyday, do workout with dedication and do Warmup before workout and cardio in the end of workout daily. But still no result, then may be its not your fault, cause you are not doing it right, I mean right workout routine for your body type. Yes, before choosing any workout routine, first you should know your body type, then choose your workout routine. So now the question is how, how to determine what is your body type?, then I am telling you this is no rocket science. There are three body types to define or check, What your body type is.

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