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best Workout Plan for Endomorph body type

best workout for endomorph body type_technliving.com_If you have endomorph body type then you have a lot of work to do from your diet to workout plan. If you don’t know your body type, then click here, and then choose your Workout Plan for Endomorph body type. Endomorph type of bodies tends to store fat fast and needs a lot of work to lose it. You have to keep a sharp eye on your diet, how many calories you eat and what kind of work you do, I mean if you have a job where you can’t leave your chair or say a desk job, then your calorie intake should be less. If you are a construction engineer, where physical work and lots of construction site inspection is there in your daily routine, then you need to worry about your proper diet and supplements, cause if your body fuel level goes down, you will get tired easily.

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Best Workout Plan For Mesomorph Body Type

best workout for mesomorph body type_technliving.com_You are born athlete and you don’t need hard work, you can easily increase muscle mass and your metabolism is very good, in short, you are genetically God gifted. You just need good food and supplements and that’s it. Your body has the ability to respond fast for the workout and you can easily achieve your fitness goals with fewer efforts than an ectomorph. If you want a lean muscular body then follow the below routine. I hope you like it. If you don’t know, what your body type is,

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Best Workout Plan For Ectomorph Body Type

Workout Plan For Ectomorph

Workout Plan For Ectomorph!

Workout Plan For Ectomorph is discussed here. If you don’t know your body type then click here, and then choose your workout plan. Your body type is Ectomorph, and your metabolism is high, that means your body doesn’t store fat, it’s hard for you to gain muscle fast and you are linear and thin. Then, you should eat high carb diet, minimum 5 times every day and meal portions should be according to your calorie needs and balanced. An average male consumes 2500-3000 calories and an average female 1500-2000 calories per day, in your ( ectomorph ) case you should consume 500-700 calories more daily. Your meals should be healthy, do not eat 3 table spoons of sugar or eat more to fulfill your calorie consumption, carbohydrates are like fuel to our body, like petrol in your car, good petrol will not harm your car but bad fuel

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