How to Start a Blog In 10 Minutes

Start a Blog In 10 Minutes

Blogging Tips | Start Blog In 10 Minutes !

Today I’ll tell you how to start a blog easily. And I’ll also tell you all the basic things we need to start a blog step by step in the easy and simple way so that any person can understand. So first things first, there are so many blogs all around, why do you want to create a blog, ask yourself. Cause you need to have a reasonably clear in your mind and you should know your niche and the content according to your niche, that you are going to provide to your visitors. And think a nice name for your blog. I assume that you have already had all the idea for the blog we talked about so far. Now the five basic things that you are going to learn for your blog.
1 Choosing right Platform for your blog.
2 Domain Name and Hosting Service.
3 Setup Your Blog.
4 Designing your blog.
5. Creating content for your viewers.


We all know a building with a strong base, lasts longer. If you are a serious blogger then choose WordPress, it has two services “” and “”. Both are free and has different features and control level. is a free service, you don,t need to update software and easy to setup, but up to a limit, if you want to use your own domain and want to use its full features, then you have to pay extra money for that. Apart from, is totally different in features and you will get complete control too.


Domain name is not only an address or name but also a brand identity, so choose it wisely and do some research on the name, your domain should be unique, short, SEO friendly and easy to remember and it should be according to your niche too. For example, if you want to create a blog on tech and you name it kind of name, then it may not work, your domain should be like or something like that. (Both the domains are used as examples, I don’t know they really exist or not).

Now the hosting part, why we use hosting? the simple answer is we need a place to save our files on some place (disk space), and hosting service provider gives us a disk space for that. There are so many hosting service providers, but I would suggest you Bluehost and HostGator their services are good and cheap as well for both (your domain and hosting) and they are famous and popular all over the world, and they help you setup your WordPress blog fast and easily. There are other service providers also available, you can choose one by yourself.

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How to Start a Blog In 10 Minutes: The step by step process is given below.

If you purchased your domain from Hostgator then, login into your hosting control panel using username and password you got in your email id and find softaculus.

Click on softaculus

In softaculus find WordPress and click on install as shown below.

click on install

and follow the instructions, the instructions are easy to follow. And that’s it your WordPress is installed. This is no rocket science, and easy to do.

Blog Design: Now your installation part is done and your blog is ready to design. What we just did is just like building a foundation and wall of the house, now we have to design this house according to our need. For full details and the view and introduction of your admin area and how you will configure your blog. watch the video below.

and don’t worry about designing cause there are lots free themes available to use and there are plenty of premium theme sellers available in the market from there you can find one easily. So now we are done with the designing part. So our house is designed well and looks awesome.

Content Creating:

It’s time to think about the most important part of your blog, content. Now everything was easy and simple. Before posting content, first of all, tell your viewers, something about you by creating “about us” or “about me” page and a contact page so that people can contact or share their opinions with you. and there are many free plugins in WordPress, create a subscribe form for your viewers. Now, this is the time to invite people, I mean viewers. So start posting content that you want to serve to your readers, your content should be sensible and meaningful, don’t copy other people’s data or idea, create your own tone and style in your content. If you are blocked in mind and not getting ideas then search the internet and learn something and tell your readers about your experience, and I bet people will appreciate that.

That’s it, you are done and just keep in mind, “be yourself”.

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