How to Start a Blog In 10 Minutes

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Blogging Tips | Start Blog In 10 Minutes !

Today I’ll tell you how to start a blog easily. And I’ll also tell you all the basic things we need to start a blog step by step in easy and simple way, so that any person can understand. So first things first, there are so many blogs all around, why do you want to create a blog, ask yourself. Cause you need to have a reason clear in your mind and you should know your niche and the content according to your niche, that you are going to provide to your visitors. And think a nice name for your blog.

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Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

dyson_hair_dryer_technliving.com_for 399$

Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer | A Piece of Art ! Dyson is an electronic company famous for its vacuum cleaners and fans, has created literally a piece of art, Hairdryer. The design of this amazing equipment will definitely blow a hole in your mind. You will understand, why I am … Read more…

Nintendo NX Console will be launched on March 2017

Nintendo NX

Nintendo recently announced that its new generation game console codename Nintendo NX will be launched on March 2017 with The Legend of Zelda as launch title. Nintendo announced that the upcoming new Legend of Zelda game will be released for both consoles the Wii U and NX in 2017. Nintendo … Read more…

DOCOSS X1 3G smartphone for Just Rs. 888

technliving.com_DOCOSS X1 3G smartphone for Just 888

DOCOSS X1 3G for Just Rs. 888 ! Today, DOCOSS Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. a cellphone company just launched DOCOSS X1 3G Smartphone in India and the price is only Rs.888. Now the thing is, can we believe this company after the Freedom 251 smartphone scandal. Cause a pretty decent looking … Read more…

Call Of Duty 2016 will hit next week | Rumors | TechNLiving

Call Of Duty 2016

Call Of Duty 2016 Rumors ! Here is a good news for Cod game lovers. As the rumors spread all over internet of leaked documents of next Call of Duty 2016 game being revealed by next Tuesday, May 3. This document is posted online by Jim Sterling on Twitter, if … Read more…

Android App For Testing Tattoo


Android App For Testing Tattoo | Ultimate Tattoo cam

Recently I reviewed an application for tattoo lovers named inkhunter for ios and people asked me for an app which is for android. So I just found it for you guys only and I hope you will like this. Now let me tell you the features of this app named “Ultimate Tattoo cam”.

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Tattoo Designs for all | App for android app for all android app

Tattoo Designs App For All

“Tattoo Designs App For All” application is really for all, like designers, tattoo artists and for peoples who want to select a cool tattoo design for themselves. Tattoo is a picture which tells a personality of a person without words. There are 8000+ designs to choose from and you can share them as well with your friends. 44 categories. This app is like community of tattoo lovers and artists and here you have everything you ever wanted,in this app there are the most effective and creative designs with thousands of examples.

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5 Drinks will help you lose weight | Weight Loss

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5 Drinks For Weight Loss !

Today I’ll tell you some easy weight loss tips. Cause, in our daily we are too busy and even we don’t have time to prepare meal or coffee for self. And maybe that’s why we are so attached to fast food for our diet and food requirements. But if you want to improve your health or you are atleast thinking to try then here are some tips and easy drinks to help you achieve your weight loss goal quickly and easily.

Lemon Water :

Fresh lemon water-technliving.com_


Empty stomach 1 glass everyday in the morning, and you will see the results by yourself. To make this amazing drink you just need to squeeze a juicy lemon into a glass of luke warm water. If you want to add some more benefits to your drink then just add a teaspoon of Honey.

Green Tea :

green-tea-technliving.com_weight loss

You definitely have heard, of green tea for weight loss. Yes, it works like magic in weight loss, cause it contains flavonoids and anti-oxidants which helps reduce body fat. Whenever you drink tea then instead of drinking milk tea, try this tea and you will start feeling results within several days and it also helps maintain blood sugar levels.

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10 Best must have Android Apps 2016

Top best android apps 2016 2016

10 Best Android Apps 2016 !

Now you have your latest shining phone in your hand and you are thinking about the applications you are going to install. But the question is which Android Apps are important and which are not. Then think of your needs, and take a look on the list below for Android Apps, which I already created for your new phone.

AVG Antivirus : Android application
The first application is an antivirus, which should be in each and every smart phone nowadays for the security and safety of your phone if you don’t want to buy one then, here are two options for you one is 360 security and second is AVG both are free and popular for their speed and the features they have.

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Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors And Specs

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

Surface Phone Rumors And Specs !

There are rumors all around about Microsoft’s new surface pro smart phone and specs, that Microsoft is going to launch it’s latest flagship phone in 2017. There were some rumors that Microsoft was working on a new smartphone called the Surface Phone, and there would be other versions to offer also. By Microsoft itself, has given some extra information about the Surface Phone, on the Microsoft minimum hardware requirements page for Windows 10. It is believed to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset will be in surface phones. And there are also rumors that the Snapdragon 830 will support up to 8GB of RAM and it will be built on the Samsung 10nm process.

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