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Mobile app to test a tattoo

Inkhunter | Mobile app to test a tattoo before getting it!

Here is a good news for you, now a mobile app has just launched, which can help you actually test a tattoo before getting it on your skin and check how the tattoo will look. An application called InkHunter. It is the easiest and cheapest way to test a tattoo in augmented reality. In this app, you just need to select a

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sketch and place where you want it to be on your body and size of the tattoo, without pain and fear of what it would look like. And if you want to share or want a suggestion of your friends, this application lets you share your tattoo imageĀ on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to your friends. This application is available only for ios in apple app store, but soon this app will be available for android and windows phone users too.

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