Microsoft to stop production of Xbox 360

Good Bye To Xbox 360!

You read right, after this long duration of awesomeness of ten years. Finally, on Wednesday Microsoft said the production of XBOX 360 has stopped. I have been a great fan of Xbox. But, Microsoft said, that only production stopped, not the services.

Xbox owners will continue to receive Xbox Live services for their console, like online multiplayer gaming and parties, access to the apps, and Games with Gold and Deals with Gold.

Xbox Live servers that support Xbox services will also remain same as previous. Xbox fans can continue to play their favorite games with the full support of Xbox Live.
XBOX 360 gamer will be able to buy Xbox  games or Xbox accessories at retail and Xbox store online, while stock ends.
Any Xbox hardware will be supported at
And Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy available Xbox  games through XbO Backward Compatibility free of cost.

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