Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors And Specs

Surface Phone Specs

Surface Phone Rumors And Specs !

There are rumors all around about Microsoft’s new surface pro smart phone and specs, that Microsoft is going to launch it’s latest flagship phone in 2017. There were some rumors that Microsoft was working on a new smartphone called the Surface Phone, and there would be other versions to offer also. By Microsoft itself, has given some extra information about the Surface Phone, on the Microsoft minimum hardware requirements page for Windows 10. It is believed to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipset will be in surface phones. And there are also rumors that the Snapdragon 830 will support up to 8GB of RAM and it will be built on the Samsung 10nm process.

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If the rumors are correct, then it should be most powerful phone in each and every section of performance, like graphics, multitasking and gaming. As the pictures shows the design of surface phones will also be the best in class, can be expected by us. Rest the time will tell, that what would be the design and specification of these phone would be. Now we can only just wait and watch.

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