Dyson Supersonic hair dryer | Technliving.com

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer | Technliving.com

Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer | A Piece of Art!

Dyson is an electronic company famous for its vacuum cleaners and fans. It has created literally a piece of art, Hairdryer. The design of this amazing equipment will definitely blow a hole in your mind. You will understand, why I am saying this, just look at the picture and get amazed.

Dyson’s hair dryer

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The old bulky and ugly hair dryer’s days are gone by now.In Tokyo Dyson announced the Supersonic hair dryer today, this piece of tech is got its shape and soul by using Dyson’s Air Multiplier fan technology. Supersonic is quiet and effectively controls the temperature to help protect hair from damage.
This is available on Dyson’s official site to buy, it is a bit expensive around 399$ if you can afford and are interested, I would suggest you buy. It will add a style quotient as a jewel in your style or makeup bag, and make other burns in jealousy. You can even show off in front of your friends.


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