Top 5 Must And Free WordPress Plugins

Top 5 must have and free wordpress plugins

The Best And Free WordPress Plugins For You !

If you are new to WordPress or you just finished installing WordPress, then you need these five free WordPress plugins. These WordPress are not only free but very important for your blog or site. If you want a blog with great content and perfect in all aspects then you should start using these free WordPress plugins now.

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Top 5 Best Websites For Free Stock photos for commercial use !

Free Stock photos for commercial use

Top 5 Best Websites For Free Stock photos for commercial use ! We are bloggers and we need stock images and videos for our blogs and designs even in templates. This is a very tough task for us to find images and videos for our blogs and products. So today … Read more…

How to Start a Blog In 10 Minutes

how to start a blog in just 10 minutes_technliving.com_

Blogging Tips | Start Blog In 10 Minutes !

Today I’ll tell you how to start a blog easily. And I’ll also tell you all the basic things we need to start a blog step by step in easy and simple way, so that any person can understand. So first things first, there are so many blogs all around, why do you want to create a blog, ask yourself. Cause you need to have a reason clear in your mind and you should know your niche and the content according to your niche, that you are going to provide to your visitors. And think a nice name for your blog.

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Blogger Vs WordPress | Pros And Cons |2016

Blogger Vs Wordpress Pros and Cons_technliving.com_

Blogger Vs WordPress | Comparison For You!

First of all, I would like to tell you guys, that here we will talk about and blogger not Blogger Vs WordPress which one is better for you and why. The comparison is given below.

Who is the boss :

Means the control we get on these platforms. Blogger is a blogging service by Google. It is free, but it is not owned by you. Google has the right to shut down the access to blogger at any time. Here google is the boss.

In WordPress, user uses a hosting service provider to host his own site. You are the one who decides how long you want to continue your site and when you want to discontinue here you are the boss. In WordPress you get full

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