Blogger Vs WordPress | Pros And Cons

Blogger Vs WordPress | Pros And Cons

Blogger Vs WordPress | Comparison For You!

First of all, I would like to tell you guys, that here we will talk about and blogger, not Blogger Vs WordPress which one is better for you and why. The comparison is given below.

Who is the boss :

Means the control we get on these platforms. Blogger is a blogging service by Google. It is free, but it is not owned by you. Google has the right to shut down the access to the blogger at any time. Here Google is the boss.

In WordPress, the user uses a hosting service provider to host his own site. You are the one who decides how long you want to continue your site and when you want to discontinue here you are the boss. In WordPress you get full control on your site or blog, you can create backup or save all the data you want.

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Storage :

In blogger by default, you get 15 GB storage. But storage is for all google services like google drive, Gmail etc.

In WordPress, you are the one to choose the storage amount, by choosing a hosting plan according to your need & nowadays so many hosting service providers are in the market with affordable plans. Only you need to search them and find one right hosting plan for you.
Themes :

Blogger has a limited range of themes. If you are satisfied, good for you, cause there are not many options available to choose from.

In WordPress, so many themes are available, according to your need or for the purpose you have in mind.

You can choose or install or modify your theme by using free plugins that are always available in the plugins section. You can even create or design your own page or template by using plugins & it is not a rocket science, you will find it easy to work.

Security :

As we know already that Blogger is owned by google, so google has its own robust security and the user doesn’t have to worry about securing sites or creating backups.

WordPress is secured but as we host our site on different servers so we have to do it by self. But it is not that difficult, so many plugins available for WordPress. And one more thing, if you are hosting your site in Linux hosted plan, then it is almost secured.

Updates :

Blogger has not updated since a very long time. Google has stopped them some good services such as Google Reader, Adsense for feeds, and FeedBurner. A user has to wait for Google’s indication or update related news.

WordPress is an Open Source software, and there are so many companies and developers out there. A very big community is there to provide support and to guide a user. WordPress does not depend on a company or person for the updates. WordPress gets it’s updated much faster than blogger.

Cost :

Blogger is completely free service, you only need a google account. And go to and create a blog if you want, and if you have a custom domain then you can use it freely with no extra cost.

In WordPress, you need a custom domain & a hosting service. But I tell you guys, these services are not that expensive as you think. I just purchased a hosting service from & I tell you guys, you will find it affordable if you compare them to other hosting providers.

So guys Blogger Vs WordPress whichever you use, it is all up to you, or which blogging service is good for your needs. If you like this article, please share it with your friends or whoever needed.

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