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Tattoo Designs App For All

“Tattoo Designs App For All” application is really for all, like designers, tattoo artists and for peoples who want to select a cool tattoo design for themselves. Tattoo is a picture which tells a personality of a person without words. There are 8000+ designs to choose from and you can share them as well with your friends. 44 categories. This app is like community of tattoo lovers and artists and here you have everything you ever wanted,in this app there are the most effective and creative designs with thousands of examples.

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10 Best must have Android Apps 2016

Top best android apps 2016 2016

10 Best Android Apps 2016 !

Now you have your latest shining phone in your hand and you are thinking about the applications you are going to install. But the question is which Android Apps are important and which are not. Then think of your needs, and take a look on the list below for Android Apps, which I already created for your new phone.

AVG Antivirus : Android application
The first application is an antivirus, which should be in each and every smart phone nowadays for the security and safety of your phone if you don’t want to buy one then, here are two options for you one is 360 security and second is AVG both are free and popular for their speed and the features they have.

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Manage multiple Facebook accounts on one Android

multiple facebook accounts on one android

How To Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts On a single Phone !

You read it right. I’ll tell you two ways to make it happen. If you want to use your both the Facebook accounts simultaneously, then it is possible now and you can do it by Facebook’s application itself, no other application is need to do this. For this double account situation, you just need to install two Facebook’s different version on your phone. Yes, if you didn’t know, that Facebook has two different application versions, then now you know it for android. One is Facebook’s main application and other is Facebook lite version. The main version consumes more data and space and other application occupies just a little space on your phone, which is specially made for the phones with limited space.

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Mobile app to test a tattoo before getting it | InkHunter

inkhunter mobile app for testing a tattoo

Inkhunter | Mobile app to test a tattoo before getting it!

Here is a good news for you, now a mobile app has just launched, which can help you actually test a tattoo before getting it on your skin and check how the tattoo will look. An application called InkHunter. It is the easiest and cheapest way to test a tattoo in augmented reality. In this app you just need to select a

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