Android App For Testing Tattoo

Android App For Testing Tattoo

Android App For Testing Tattoo | Ultimate Tattoo cam

Recently I reviewed an application for tattoo lovers named inkhunter for ios and people asked me for an app which is for Android. So I just found it for you guys only and I hope you will like this. Now let me tell you the features of this app named “Ultimate Tattoo cam”.

More than 100 different designs are available and will get updated time to time. You can switch between front and rear camera according to your needs. You can test and personalize all designs and test them on your body and can save it for later or even you can share them with your friends as well as your family or any social networking site or app. The recent categories which are included in this application are Dragons, Tribals, Animals, Guns, Bugs, Flowers, Skulls, Angels etc. This application is totally free and available on Android app store. If you want to download this app search in your android app store.

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