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5 Drinks For Weight Loss!

Today I’ll tell you some easy weight loss tips. Cause, in our day we are too busy and even we don’t have time to prepare meal or coffee for self. And maybe that’s why we are so attached to fast food for our diet and food requirements. But if you want to improve your health or you are at-least thinking to try then here are some tips and easy drinks to help you achieve your weight loss goal quickly and easily.

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Lemon Water :

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Empty stomach 1 glass every day in the morning, and you will see the results by yourself. To make this amazing drink you just need to squeeze a juicy lemon into a glass of luke warm water. If you want to add some more benefits to your drink then just add a teaspoon of Honey.

Green Tea :

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You definitely have heard, of green tea for weight loss. Yes, it works like magic in weight loss, cause it contains flavonoids and antioxidants which help reduce body fat. Whenever you drink tea then instead of drinking milk tea, try this tea and you will start feeling results within several days and it also helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Apple Cider vinegar :

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You would say it’s just a vinegar, but there are so many proven stories and studies, that it helps reducing fat. Whenever you eat your meal or diet then just after that, add two table spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water and that’s it. But first you should start with one table spoon, if you feel good then you can increase the serving size to two table spoon not more than that and also not more than three times daily.

Mango Smoothie :

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Mango is also known as the king of fruits. 50-gram curd and pieces of a mango and some water please don’t add sugar and blend it using blender or mixer and that’s it. curd helps in digestion and keeps your gut healthy and mango has its own fat loss characteristics. This drink will help you lose weight, and keep your energy level high.

Plain Coffee :

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This is also a great drink it keeps your blood flow elevated and it keeps you awake and helps you work faster and harder. But not more the two cups a day and don’t add milk to your coffee. It helps you lose weight as it accelerates your metabolism.

If you are a high blood pressure patient, then first consult your doctor before you start taking coffee.

So these are the simple and effective ways that will definitely help you losing weight or say fat from your body, but I’ll also suggest you eat healthy green vegetables and stop using sugary, fatty and oily dishes from your daily routine.



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