10 Best must have Android Apps

10 Best Android apps

10 Best Android Apps!

Now you have your latest shining phone in your hand and you are thinking about the applications you are going to install. But the question is which Android Apps are important and which are not. Then think of your needs, and take a look at the list below for Android Apps, which I already created for your new phone.

AVG Antivirus :

technliving.com-AVG-Antivirus Android application
The first application is an antivirus, which should be in each and every smart phone nowadays for the security and safety of your phone if you don’t want to buy one then, here are two options for you one is 360 security and second is AVG both are free and popular for their speed and the features they have.

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Facebook:A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration
Social networking is the most important thing or says its a part of life, so this application is Facebook so that you can connect with your friends and family. You just need to remember one thing that never shares personal pics which you don’t want to show anybody but wife or girlfriend, cause Facebook broadcasts everything and so it will be visible to everybody connected with you and your friends of friends.

Whatsapp :

technliving.com-whatsapp must have app 2016
If you want to share texts and images or videos to a particular person then this third application would be the solution. Whatsapp and due to it latest feature of end to end encryption this application is more secure than any other application like this. This is absolutely free to download.

1mobile Market :

1mobile-market-technliving.com-must have app 2016
If you may know, that if you install any application from android app store, you don’t get backup file or apk file of that application. With the help of this application you can download and even share with your friends.

Tumblr :

technliving.com-Tumblr-must have app 2016
We all know what Tumblr is capable of, if don,t then I’ll tell you. Tumblr is a photo sharing site where you can share you photos or art or paintings, videos or even you can chat with your friends or you can ask help from the Tumblr community, here you can show your talent to the world and get followers and friends and learn something new everyday.

Khan Academy :

technliving.com-khanacademy-must have app 2016
Khan Academy is an educational site, where you can learn anything from a wide range of courses available, like maths, physics and much more. So if you are a student or you just want to learn something new, then this is absolutely free and must have a mobile application for your phone.

Duolingo :

duolingo-technliving.com-application for learning new languages daily
If you travel a lot or you just want to learn a new language, then this app is for you. Now you’ll say who on this earth want to learn a new language, then hello you can impress your girlfriend, even friends. The interface of this application is easy and simple to operate and understand as you can see in the picture above.

UC Browser :

technliving.com_uc browser_ must have app 2016
Android Apps collection is incomplete if you don,t install a better browser for internet surfing. This is the most popular browser in the world and you might have heard about it sometime, if not then you just did. It is the fastest browser in its category and if you don’t want to get tracked or share location to any site, then it has a privacy feature inbuilt, and the features of this application is not ordinary you’ll know when you use it.

Google Inbox :

technliving.com-Google-Inbox must have app 2016
Yes, Inbox from google is also a must have application cause everybody has Gmail account and use google services for their own reasons and needs. This Android app has so many features like a snooze, scheduled email notification and more. Just give it a try you’ll love it.

Twitter :

technliving.com-TWITTER-for android- must have app 2016
Every celebrity has an account on this social platform and shares their feelings and news happening all around, here you will get every information or say news about everything instantly and fast. If you are a socially active person then you should have this app on your phone and I would say you should suggest to your friends too.


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