10 Amazing Human Brain Facts

10 amazing human brain facts

Amazing Human Brain Facts

A human brain has a lot and lots of power. A brain can calculate so many things and can perform near to impossible tasks. And you also heard of that, if train your brain regularly you brain can solve mathematical faster than a calculator. You might be heard of telekinesis, in this technique you can move things or make them float in the air, by just using brain power. Here I am going to tell you some amazing human brain facts, that will blow your brain(mind).

  • The brain controls the whole nervous system of the human body but the brain doesn’t have any nerves. But even after that, your brain tells you everything about your body movements, pains, emotions and so many things you feel.
  • Stress can change the size of your brain. Yes, if you are stressed and in lots of mental pressure, your brain size may reduce. But if you take naps and give your brain proper rest will keep your brain healthy. This way your brain functions fast and perform well.
  • By your daily life activities, your brain trains itself. Like solving problems, if you workout in the gym, it gets stronger and makes you perform better. If you exercise daily and put your body into certain physical activity, then your brain recognizes as a stress and it starts to recover your body and increase the amount of energy and blood flow in your body.
  • An average adult human brain weighs 3 lbs and it is the 2% of his whole body weight. Human has the biggest rather than other creatures, in the case of body weight ratio. And it consumes 20% energy in your body.

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  • A brain consists of 150,000 miles long blood vessels. These blood vessels provide nutrition and oxygen at very high-speed, so that your brain can perform better and bear high pressure.
  • lack of Oxygen for 5-10 minutes can permanently damage your brain.
  • A human brain has 100 Billion neurons. These neurons help the brain to transmit information in signals to the other parts of brain and body.
  • A human brain is covered by skull made of 22 bones joined together.
  • A human brain keeps developing until your late 40.
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  • Your brain has an ability to rewire itself and create new connections every time you form a memory.

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